Leadership Learning Pathways

Over the years we have designed hundreds of online learning course and curriculum for all different levels of learners, in different industries, with different learning needs. We have developed some designs that we use for critical paths most all companies embrace including:


New Hire Orientation

They say the first few seconds of an encounter make a lasting impact. The same is true of the first few days, weeks and months for a new hire. First impressions matter. The people, the messaging, the vibe, and clarity of expectations and experience matter a great deal. How you build relationships, nurture progress and build success and opportunity count for everything.

Developing Emerging Leaders

The best leaders have a strong sense of self identity, possess high emotional intelligence, and are mindful, organized, and able to grow their body of work. The next level is to lead others through compelling and powerful communication, and deep empathetic listening. These are the leaders who can influence systemic organizational change.


Transition to Management

Being a superstar contributor doesn’t qualify someone to manage and lead others. We believe there are specific traits and behaviors that can be learned to become outstanding managers, including giving feedback, providing role clarity, defining measured outcomes, communicating effectively, resolving tensions, protecting the team, and managing change.


Executive Leadership

There are those in the organization we look to in times of crisis, in moments of uncertainty. These are strong leaders who inspire success, and elevate everyone around them. These are the difference makers. These are the people who challenge us to be better, go higher. They are all in on people. They unite us.

Signature Learning Content Designs

Over the years we have created learning designs that work well for specific types of audiences and content. Following we describe some of the those learning designs and best applications for them.

The Contender

Intended for new hires and individual contributors

• Rich practical content
• Lots of practice and application on the job
• “How to” content
• Hosted by relevant, everyday peer

The Coach

Intended for new, and experienced managers

• Rich practical content
• Lots of practice and application to teams
• Quick application resources for coaching moments
• Challenges
• Hosted by confident empathetic leader

The Powerhouse

Ended for Emerging Leaders

• Rich with stories and scenarios
• Business challenges
• Assessment and personal development
• Hosted by confident communicator on the rise

The Role Model

Intended for Directors and VPs

• Strategic content
• Case studies
• High level thinking
• Personal challenges
• Hosted by seasoned executive

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