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We start with your needs, fine tune the content, add our design and development expertise, show you a high-level storyboard, and then start creating.
Try our custom course calculator. You can set the parameters for what you are thinking, and select different custom course elements to include. It will give us a starting point to open a discussion. Enjoy!

This helps us determine the level of instructional design needed, and the time needed for subject matter experts.
We will write the content and script and record with talent you choose.
We will interview key stakeholders in your company to include in the course.
Interactivity determines the degree of interaction and control the user has with the learning experience.

    Learning Elements

    Your people are everywhere. And busy. We build learning that scales.

    Within each digital experience we create, we use a variety of applications to ensure the experience has a next-generation look and feel. Today’s learners are turned off by canned content and bland corporate tones. Content, images and video needs to be fresh, honest, and real. We prefer to showcase real humans interacting in relatable voices.

    Below we describe some of the key custom learning elements we use. Or just jump over to our course calculator and start building one yourself!

    Leadership Labs

    We conduct regular sessions in which we introduce new leadership concepts and practices. Participants practice specific leadership and innovation activities and interactions on a regular basis, and report back on their progress and usefulness. Often we use this tool to actively test content in a small focus group before scaling a broad learning effort.


    Mindscaling has designed and delivered hundreds of engaging and actionable workshops to elevate leadership at all levels, democratize innovation, and build a systemic growth mindset and accelerate learning and collaboration


    We produce all custom video content here, in house, with local talent. We have a diverse portfolio of local professionals who also do acting and talent work on the side. Take a look. Don’t see an exact match for your project? Just ask and we’ll find that unicorn

    Micro-Learning Sparks

    Often designed for drip-feed delivery, our effective micro-learning design features your personally-chosen talent delivering a key idea in a short, memorable story. We throw in a workplace example typical of your company, add a dash of recommended action and next steps, and finish with a quick learning check (a quiz of some sort).

    Interactive Exercises

    Drag and drop, matching, multiple choice, short scenarios, content exploration, are all active learning elements that make for an engaging experience.

    Case Studies in Your Company

    When we are trying to teach a new idea, and get people to practice a new behavior, its best when we can showcase a real example that is typical within your company.

    Your Role Models

    Some of the most effective learning curriculum we have produced often involves conducting video interview or panel discussions with the leaders within your own company. For example, in one custom treatment we were working to drive innovation at a large manufacturing company, so we conducted interviews with leading innovators within their company to demonstrate how remarkable innovation is, in fact, already happening from within.

    Thought-Leader Video

    In many custom Elearning productions we bring in experts in the field we are working on. Perhaps we want our employee to be more resilient, or our managers to give better feedback. Sometimes we will enlist a bestselling author and speaker who can deliver the content in a compelling and powerful way.

    Practice Peer Groups

    These are peer or small discussion groups focusing on a topic, assignment, or activity. Practicing with peers and small groups is one of the highest levels of learning, second only to teaching others.

    Learning Checks

    Within courses experiences we often create short learning checks or quizzes to verify understanding.

    Branching, and Gamification

    Branching is a simple way to deliver a relevant, efficient and practical learning experience in a personalized manner. Gamifying the experience and building badges or Easter eggs into the learning environment hooks the learner. In online learning, we can sprinkle easter eggs throughout the course to encourage active exploration in all corners of our courses

    Downloadable Resources

    Tools, videos, podcasts, or practical reference guides are useful when available offline to apply to real work environments.

    Why Custom Learning Experiences

    You don’t buy an online course to give your audience information, since information is ubiquitous and free. You invest in their change and development because you are trying to achieve a specific goal or outcome. You’re trying to accomplish something. And the only way we can reach our goals is to actively try new behaviors and ideas at work. Change requires practice.

    You are probably familiar with the 70:20:10 rule which states:

    • 70% of development happens on the job by doing and practicing
    • 20% of development happens through mentoring and coaching
    • 10% through formal training which includes instructor led workshops

    The key is knowing what new behaviors to practice. That’s why learning needs to be specific to your organization.

    “You can’t think your way into a new way of acting. You must act your way into a new way of thinking.”

    Richard Pascale

    Effective learning needs to be engaging in a way that captures the imagination of your learners. It needs to grab their attention, elevate understanding, and drive people to do something differently, and take positive action.

    Mindscaling specializes in creating custom learning experiences that capture attention, and make an impact. We use a variety of learning strategies and learning elements to capture the imagination of your audience and spur them to action. You can read a case-study about how we work here.