Each business is unique, with specific goals and strategies. Your leaders, managers, and team members need to learn specific new behaviors to build those outcomes.

You also probably have a good idea as to what is appealing to your employees and you’re tired of spending money on generic training programs that don’t work…

It’s time to create something that matches your need.

We will guide you and together craft a learning experience that will create behavior change in fun, engaging ways.The result will be specifically, elegantly, and purposefully yours.

You will define the audience, topics, design flow, talent, learning elements, and duration. We will make it.

Learning Designs Built for Impact

Mindscaling designs experiences with today’s learner in mind. Our learning experiences


We’re building results we can measure.


Our experiences are based on current behavioral science about how people learn.


Mindscaling designed curriculum to be part of people’s work, not separate.

Practice focused

People learn best by doing. You must act our way into a new way of thinking.

Designed to build leaders

We’re building results we can measure.

From the day your people come in and try to figure out where the coffee maker is, to supporting their aspiration as an emerging leader, to developing them as a new manager, and building them up as they become executive leaders in the organization, we build learning experiences that fit into the fabric and culture of your organization.

How We Work With You

Step 01

We Listen and Discover

Together, we look at your objectives through a unique lens that focuses on strategic alignment of resources, processes, and performance outcomes. Our collaborative goal is to identify the specific behaviors we want people to adopt, and ensure those are aligned with the business goals of the organization.
Step 02

We Ideate Together

Our storyboard approach builds a blueprint of innovative solutions and success measurements that will serve as the framework for your project. During this phase we will share learning practice we have used in the past that are effective, and optimized for the busy learner.
Step 03

We Bring It to Life

The storyboard design becomes reality. The Mindscaling team creates the experiences, online learning courses, learning sparks, live events, and processes, to deliver an energizing solution for your project.
Step 04

We Install, Test, and Administer

Everything is wrapped up in LMS-ready packages for installation and testing. Depending on your need, we also administer and deliver your learning solution on an agreed cadence.
Step 05

Measured Results

The most powerful motivator is a sense of making progress in work that is meaningful and has an impact in the world. Extraordinary change doesn’t happen by accident. We use evaluation and measurement to ensure your initiative is powerful, lasting, and transformative.